A sad story behind a woman who doesn’t like pantyhose

Today I was taking to my neighbour about pantyhose. She told me that she really doesn’t like it before, but she didn’t really explain, just said that it constricts her in the hips.

This time she actually opened up to me and told me that when she was a young girl, her step mother would punish her in a very bizarre way. She would make her wear dresses and pantyhose to school as a form of punishment.

Can you imagine, with such a negative association it is no wonder that this woman doesn’t want to dress up. She said that if her work would allow, she’d wear jeans every day.

Note added at the end of 2016: I didn’t expect that, but guess what, she called me up and said that she needs some tan sheer pantyhose! I was surprised and reminded her what she told me earlier. She said that she is not into it, but she will have to wear it to Christmas parties. At least this lady has some class and doesn’t turn up to a holiday party in jeans or with bare legs. Wonderful! I gave her a pair of Forte by Fiore and I really hope she will like it.

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