60% Off Fun Colours and Stripes for Halloween

October 20, 2016 under Seasonal

Here is the most colourful pair of tights on the whole site – Keisha by Fiore. It comes in yellow, orange, and turquoise. Which shade would you wear?




Keisha by Fiore – Only $4.99 now!

2 Responses to "60% Off Fun Colours and Stripes for Halloween"

  • Michel says:

    Blue would be my first choice, alternatively yellow.

  • Loretta says:

    First I thought the blue pair, but now I really don’t know. Maybe the orange. They look almost like different “nude” shades in the picture. When someone say orange I think abou the colour of oranges or a pumpkin. The tights on the picture doesn’t have any of those shades, they are Nude in different shades. Yeah, I would pick the orange pair.

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