Forte 20 den Run Resistant Tights by Fiore




Are you looking or some run resistant tights?  It really helps when your hosiery doesn’t snag at its earliest convenience and leave an ugly run.  Forte is the highest quality pantyhose out of the whole Fiore line.  You will be able to feel how resistant it is already as you are putting it on.

Forte tights by Fiore have improved durability because they are produced with the innovative LYCRA® Fusion fibre that increases resistance against runs.  Such technology makes a great difference.

Not to say that runs won’t ever happen, but they are very hard to create and will not propagate immediately along the whole leg.  Tights Fashion UK, a great hosiery resource from the UK, for example, has a whole explanation about the methods that account for run-resistance.

Believe me, you will be very happy with the silky softness of these tights by Fiore.  These run resistant tights are comfortable, completely sheer to waist, with a cotton gusset.  Extreme softness is a result of high lycra content.

Fibre content: 62% Polyamide (nylon), 37% Elastane (lycra), 1% Cotton (small gusset)

Made in Poland

Brand: Fiore

Shipping – $9 Flat Rate for any quantity ordered.  Go ahead, order as many as you want!  We ship to Canada, United States, and internationally.


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