60% Off Fun Colours and Stripes for Halloween

October 20, 2016 under Seasonal

Here is the most colourful pair of tights on the whole site – Keisha by Fiore. It comes in yellow, orange, and turquoise. Which shade would you wear?




Keisha by Fiore – Only $4.99 now!

Wearing Keisha Orange Tights

October 23, 2015 under News

Today I got to visit Prince Edward Island! I stopped to buy myself a pair of new shoes and I also wore my orange striped pantyhose called Keisha since Halloween is almost here.

Keisha orange tights

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Australian, Buddhist supermodel - Victoria Secret angel girl in hosiery with long legs, whip, and hat. Миранда Керр с хлыстом укротителя в цирке на Хэллоуин.

Miranda Kerr in a Circus Outfit and Pantyhose

December 6, 2012 under Famous

I came across this outfit that the fashion model Miranda Kerr wore to a Halloween party – she is supposed to be the circus presenter.  Sexy!  I wonder what her hubby, Orlando Bloom, wore to the party.

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Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2012 under Weird

I am not sure where this picture is from, but those girls are looking as if they are about to enter a Halloween beauty contest.  I especially like the green girl because it looks like she put the most effort into her outfit and concept.

Happy Halloween to my Fantasy Stockings Fans!

Zentai Outfits – anyone would like to help out with content?

September 15, 2012 under Weird

It seems that there is a percentage of hosiery lovers who are into zentai.  I’d love to do a post on it, but I don’t know much about it.  Is there anyone here who would like to help me out with opinions and content?

I think that there is something psychologically moving about not being able to see the face.

One time my guy dressed up in a zentai suit for an event.  People would smile, but a large dog started barking and got very nervous because of the outfit.

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