Zentai Outfits – anyone would like to help out with content?

It seems that there is a percentage of hosiery lovers who are into zentai.  I’d love to do a post on it, but I don’t know much about it.  Is there anyone here who would like to help me out with opinions and content?

I think that there is something psychologically moving about not being able to see the face.

One time my guy dressed up in a zentai suit for an event.  People would smile, but a large dog started barking and got very nervous because of the outfit.

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3 thoughts on “Zentai Outfits – anyone would like to help out with content?

  1. I feel the problem with the dog could be…. You had the smell of a human… You had a shape of an human but you didn’t give off any body language of a human… Especially if you had your eyes covered… Pack animals looking for Alpha..Beta thing..

    • Hi Carl, well, the guy was walking and moving around, but I think the dog got scared because of the covered eyes as you say! They probably also have an instinct to look at the face of the person. I know that dogs look at the mouth, for example. I’ve heard it on a dog show that when we smile, the dog may think we are “showing teeth”.

  2. I think that is a related fetish. I haven’t any experience with zentai but my last girlfriend enjoyed being submissive and one time I had her totally encased in ordinary 15 denier pantyhose. Kissing her lips through the pantyhose was way more erotic than I thought it would be, and it surprised me. She really enjoyed that whole encasement experience too.

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