Vintage Wonderbra Off White Tights

January 17, 2016 under Vintage

hosieryI found that sometimes second hand stores will have a few vintage hosiery items here and there. Every time I am in the area, I check to see if I can come across anything interesting. I assume that probably some older ladies kept these, but then had some massive clean out or a big move and ended up donating their tights to a charity second hand shop like Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Here’s an example of what I found – Wonderbra off white tights. It makes me nostalgic to look at these packages, kind of reminds me of my childhood when my mom was just teaching me how to wear pantyhose with skirts.

Also, kind of shocking, but these were made in Canada. Now hardly anything is worth manufacturing here.

It is hard to tell how old exactly this item is, but I think probably around 30 years because it is 100% nylon.

I listed it on eBay – vintage Wonderbra tights. Some people like to wear all nylon hosiery, and some buy it for their collection of vintage clothing / packaging.

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