Pantyhose mentions in the “Orange is the New Black” TV Series

March 3, 2017 under Weird

orange is the new black series tv pantyhoseI realize this is kind of outdated… but still on Netflix!

I’ve been watching a few episodes of the “Orange is the New Black” TV series on Netflix and there are many references to pantyhose, even though barely any is seen. There is a Russian matriarch nicknamed “Red” smuggling pantyhose in.

At some point “Red” even says after she loses her access to smuggling – ‘My friendship used to come with perks. Now I’m just an angry old Russian lady. Without the free pantyhose and eyeliner I’m not such a draw.’

I’m wondering, what would pantyhose be used for there? They have uniforms and they can’t wear something else besides that. My only reasonable guess is that with all the lesbian lovers in prison perhaps pantyhose is one of their accessories for romantic games. I see that on some online forums some people have dirtier minds and guess at it being used as a sieve for substances.

There is an interview online from Allure website with one of the actresses, Natasha Lyonne, from the show. She says that she is hooked on Wolford tights and wears them all the time! But that’s of course in her real life, not in the movie.

Perhaps it may seem as if the movie is supposed to happen some time in the 1990s when pantyhose were a big deal, but actually no, it’s very modern. There a constant references to new books like the 4 Hour Work Week (came out in 2007), for example. So hey, there is still something hot about pantyhose!

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