Newsletter is coming out in a few days!

March 26, 2017 under News

Hello friends, I will be sending out a newsletter with some photos. Here are two photos of me from last week wearing pantyhose by Fiore called “Sin”.

Don’t miss it, please sign up if you haven’t already done so! These are really hot backseam Cuban heel pantyhose. I wore pants under this jacket, then took them off in the car, and took a few daring photos. Well, not too daring, there were people walking back and worth, it’s a public place after all.

Sin pantyhose by Fiore on me from the back

Sin pantyhose by Fiore on me


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4 Responses to "Newsletter is coming out in a few days!"

  • steph says:

    love it

  • Nikolaj says:

    You are an incredible lady. Full of style and elegance. You have an unique vibrance of eroticism and flirtation. Your new session is another success. What may would have happened if not these passersbys disturbed all this time … I guess that just one short glance they got from you that day made you stay in their minds for at least one full day. Admiration from Nikolaj to you my Jess

  • Jan says:

    Classic outfit Jessica. Looking great as ever.
    Pantyhose looking perfect to that outfit.

  • David says:

    You look fabulous, love your soft black hair and love your outfit.

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