New Blog! Fantasy Heels is a shoe division of Fantasy Stockings

Dear friends, I just started another blog.  For now it’s on Blogspot – free hosting.  I’d like to check if there is interest for this topic.  If yes, I’ll create a separate website for it.

Please also notice that I put some Google Adsense advertisement on it.  Those are pay per click ads, so if this topic generates enough funds through advertisement income to cover the cost of hosting an original website, I’ll for sure proceed to create a nicer website.

I think that beautiful heels and beautiful hosiery go hand in hand.  For a nice feminine look everything in the outfit should make sense.  I can’t really say that I am a big shoe fan because I don’t have 200+ shoes at home.  I probably have 50.  But whatever I have, I love.  I also take good care of my shoes.

If you ever see me using shoes for wetlook photoshoots, those are shoes that are damaged already somehow.  For example, I had my suede boots and tall over the knee boots that had a damaged heel beyond repair.  Other shoes in wetlook photoshoots are cheaper shoes that were purchased just that purpose.

*Friends, the only funding for this blog is from the shop section.  Please indulge your pantyhose obsession and show some support for my work!  Your purchases make this blog possible.*

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