Taboo Show in Vancouver

This weekend I attended Vancouver’s Taboo show and got to take some photos of people in tights and stockings.

The photo below is of my legs in Apriel tights by Fiore and another girl in cross-patterned tights.  I was so excited that I was literally screaming.  Her boyfriend took a photo of us posing together and she even instructed him on how to take a decent shot to show off the legs.  Don’t we look like pantyhose sisters?  She’s in purple, I’m in pink!  We are a team!

Apriel tights and cross tights duo

I asked this model to take a photo of her stockings and panties.  She looked so cute in this costume outfit!

Costume stockings and frilly panties - red bows and bones - white frills - garter

This is more of a punk girl look, there were plenty of those at the show.  Not my style, but I enjoyed seeing such a fashion statement.

Fishnets layered over pink tights

I couldn’t resist to take a photo of these Gladiator Boots, or whatever they are called.  I personally don’t wear such styles, but I thought it looked very nice on this person because of her neat manicure.  Of course, I asked for permission.

Fishnet tights and Sandal Boots - toes showing

I saw this girl wearing these sheer patterned pantyhose and I asked her if I could take a photo of her legs for my blog.  She was quite nice about it and even waited for me to go grab my camera.

Flower print tights and heels

At the show there was a huge line up to take photos and get autographs from Alexis Texas and Ron Jeremy.  I managed to take a semi-decent shot of them posing with a fan, but I didn’t have the time to wait for such a long line up.  Alexis looked great, but Ron Jeremy came in wearing green crocks – seriously, couldn’t he dress up a little bit more?

Ron Jeremy and Alexis Texas Taboo show Vancouver

I couldn’t resist to take a photo of these sparkly shoes.  There was a group of Latin American girls all dressed up in leggings and pantyhose, walking as a group and singing songs in Spanish.  I asked one of them to pose for a photo and she right away informed me that she just bought these shoes at a great price. 

Sparkly shoes at Taboo Show

I saw this couple and asked them if I could get a photo of the stockings.  They were so excited and the boyfriend said to me – “you should get a shot of her frilly panties too!” and pulled up the girl’s skirt.  She was totally cool with that and enjoyed the attention.

Stockings and frilly panties upskirt shot - boyfriend and girlfriend together at a show

This woman posed for this amazing photo!  She was one of the exhibitors for the fetish booth and she was wearing Sunita backseam hold ups by Fiore.

Sunita stay up stockings sexy lace hold up - backseam

Sunita stay up stockings without shoes on - Fiore brand hold up

I can’t remember for sure, but I think this was a sexy tranny wearing these white stockings imitation tights at the show.  I asked for permission to take a photo.

White mock hold up tights

At some point I decided to experiment with the layering look – I pulled a garter belt over my pantyhose and attacked backseam stockings.  Some people actually told me that this way it emphasized the stockings much more than if I would not have anything under.

Wolford neon 40 Legs and garter belt with stockings over layering

layering stockings over pantyhose

This lady came by with her “Spank Me” pantyhose and I couldn’t resist to take a photo with her.  So far not a single woman refused to have her fabulous legs photographed.

Wolford neon 40 Legs with Spank Me

I love these “Spank Me Tights”!  This woman came with her husband (or maybe boyfriend) looking so glamorous.

Spank me backseam pantyhose - woman wearing hosiery with a pattern

In this  photo you can see my legs in Wolford Neon 40 beside a Ferrari car.  I wore these because they look so good, but at the same time cover the leg well and are very resistant.

Wolford neon 40 Legs - cosmetic shade

My legs in Apriel tights by Fiore – aren’t those awesome?  I was wearing these mock stocking pantyhose and got plenty of comments from people.

Apriel tights by Fiore

This is my first time attending and I am thrilled with the atmosphere.  People are totally open-minded,walking around in latex, stockings, underwear. If you get a chance to attend, I totally recommend it!

taboo show vancouver presenters

Screensaver: Anne Hathaway in Stockings and Garter Belt

Feel free to use this screensaver of Anne Hathaway digital drawing in stockings and garter belt.  It is supposed to be from the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

Click on the image below to download full resolution file.

I remember though that in the movie of Alice in Wonderland she gets reprimanded for not wearing stockings to the gathering at which she walks off and finds the rabbit hole.

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Olivia De Berardinis – the art of pinup

As soon as I saw Olivia’s work full of eroticism and sexy lingerie, I knew that I had to mention it on my blog .  I was filled with excitement and I asked her for permission to write about her.  To my surprise, she agreed.

Olivia De Berardinis, born in November of 1948, is an artist from United States who paints pinup girls.  Surprisingly, she contributes monthly to Playboy magazine, presenting her art with Hugh Hefner’s captions.  What a pleasure to know that Hugh Hefner appreciates this kind of work and it turns out that he was inspired by pinup to begin with.

It is a challenge to be a female artist who paints images that are considered to be “male oriented”.  Not everyone gets it and Olivia may be faced with some unhappy feminists.  They just see her as some type of an anomaly.  It all will change, some day, when people become more open-minded.

I invite you to pay a visit to Olivia’s website.  She has a lot of amazing paintings of women, especially women in sexy lingerie like stockings!

What do our readers have to say about this artist?  Here are some wonderful letters I got.

David from Canada

“I think that it’s refreshing to see depictions of women who are unabashedly revealing, and reveling in, their erotic power. These days that just doesn’t happen. The “ideal” modern woman is either the stern fashion model or the strong athlete – pure femininity has become an anachronism. The other thing that the artwork connotes, although implicitly, is the innocent male gaze. The idea that a man can appreciate feminine beauty with out being lascivious, and that women would enjoy that attention, even actively seek it. These days, the “male gaze” is seen as something impertinent, rude and unwanted. That’s what the art evokes for me, nostalgia for a time when sexual chemistry wasn’t so actively squelched. Besides nostalgia, I would also say that the pure sexual and sensual energy of the images is arresting. The lingerie, especially the stockings, creates a dual response: the feminine part of my psyche wonders what it would feel like to wear the clothes, to feel their sensations and to move my body in an alluring way, while the male part wonders what it would be like to touch and embrace the women. One thing is certain, you can’t view the art without feeling a strong and deep reaction.”

David from United States

“I enjoyed studying all the images of Olivia’s that I could find. In her work I see consistent use of fetish and fantasy to portray women as both beautiful and powerful. For me, there is nothing more attractive and than a woman who uses the disarming strength of a man’s fetish to get her way….   a sensual, steamy tango between the hunter and the game …I am most drawn to the many pieces that show women in powerful stances – hands on hips, hips thrown forward, chest out and proud.   Olivia found a husband who shares her passion for fetish art, and she still creates images for Playboy Magazine, with Hughes Hefner composing the captions. “


Olivia’s Website:


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New Blog! Fantasy Heels is a shoe division of Fantasy Stockings

Dear friends, I just started another blog.  For now it’s on Blogspot – free hosting.  I’d like to check if there is interest for this topic.  If yes, I’ll create a separate website for it.

Please also notice that I put some Google Adsense advertisement on it.  Those are pay per click ads, so if this topic generates enough funds through advertisement income to cover the cost of hosting an original website, I’ll for sure proceed to create a nicer website.

I think that beautiful heels and beautiful hosiery go hand in hand.  For a nice feminine look everything in the outfit should make sense.  I can’t really say that I am a big shoe fan because I don’t have 200+ shoes at home.  I probably have 50.  But whatever I have, I love.  I also take good care of my shoes.

If you ever see me using shoes for wetlook photoshoots, those are shoes that are damaged already somehow.  For example, I had my suede boots and tall over the knee boots that had a damaged heel beyond repair.  Other shoes in wetlook photoshoots are cheaper shoes that were purchased just that purpose.

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