Where to Buy Vintage Stockings and Pantyhose in Vancouver?

vintage 100 nylon pantyhose by miss canada brand

My vintage pantyhose – Miss Canada brand, 100% nylon

I know where!  I am so excited, just now I was walking along Main Street and noticed a vintage store called Woo Vintage.  I rarely check vintage stores, but I absolutely had to go there because on their sign they had a pair of legs in stockings.  So I was hoping that if they carry it, I could buy some vintage stockings or pantyhose for myself.

I walked in and asked for vintage stockings.  To my surprise they had a whole basket full of all sorts of different brands!  Still unopened, both pantyhose and stockings from decades ago.  It’s  like a chance to travel back in time and feel what it was like for people back then.  What a treasure!  I am tempted to go buy the whole basket actually.  Here is an example from their online store – vintage Hudson stockings.  They also have an account on etsy.

I just couldn’t leave the store without a pair of Miss Canada pantyhose in my hand, a Canadian brand that probably no longer exists.  It claimed to be one size fits all.  Obviously, the same day I put on that 100% nylon vintage pantyhose. Relatively stretchy, sheer to waist, no gusset, chocolate brown.  Yes, for me it fits, but let’s just say I wouldn’t recommended for a lady either taller or heavier than me.

Miss Canada brand vintage 100 nylon sheer pantyhose package

Vintage packaging of Miss Canada brand pantyhose states that the composition of the hosiery is 100% nylon in both English and French. It probably used to be a brand that would sell in department stores, according to the shop owner.  One size fits all perhaps would be true a few decades go, but sure not for the modern North American size.  The range of 100 – 150 lbs would perhaps be about size Medium.

Miss Canada brand vintage 100 nylon sheer pantyhose packaging

I did spot a few special brands, like Alferd Sung, for example.  I recommend this location if you want to buy vintage stockings or vintage clothing and jewelry in general. Another item that I finally found there that I couldn’t find anywhere else was a pair of oversized vintage clip earrings.


Woo Vintage

4393 Main St.

Vancouver, BC

604 687 8200


If you are in Vancouver, come and indulge.  if you are not, they have a Facebook page and an Etsy store where you can purchase items.  Perhaps you may need to check directly about pantyhose though, since it is really one of a kind thing.  Once they are gone, they are gone.





vintage pantyhose packaging - Hudson Wonderfit Phantom Fitlon

Vintage packaging for Hudson, Wonderfit, Phantom, and Fitlon pantyhose.

vintage pantyhose and stockings selection

The treasure basket!  An opportunity to buy vintage stockings while they are still around.


4 thoughts on “Where to Buy Vintage Stockings and Pantyhose in Vancouver?

  1. While I surely already wore pantyhose at the time the ones on the pics you published were made, I would not necessarily fancy wearing them again today. The technology improved dramatically since, and I consider I would not try a pair made before the 1980’s, which correspond to the generalization of Lycra in the entire hosiery, and not just in the waistband like before. I remember the first time I tried a Lycra pantyhose. The difference with the all nylon ones was like the difference between night and day. I loved pantyhose before but after Lycra was used, I loved them even more!

    I’m very much influenced by the photo on the package before purchase. That’s why from the pairs shown on the last pic of your article, if I had to buy one, I’d choose the one showing the girl in silver leotard.

    • I totally see what you are saying.

      You know, I also prefer to wear stuff with lycra.
      However, I hear that some women still want 100% nylon! Fogal has 100% nylon, they say that some customers want to wear what they used to wear back in their days.

      There is even a girl who runs her own production of 100% nylon pantyhose and she sells it online. Looks quite popular.


      • It’s especially true with stockings. Full fashion ones only come in 100% Nylon. The problem with this fabric is that it’s very rigid on the leg. Also, it’s prone to snags.

  2. I’ve only tried lesser-priced brands of 100 per cent nylon pantyhose and there’s a clear difference between them and hose with lycra. The all-nylon hose don’t grip your legs like lycra ones do. This means you almost forget you’re wearing pantyhose – until you notice that they tend to bag up at the knee and ankle, something that’s less of a worry with lycra hose.

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