Ukraine: Scandalous Graduation Outfit

Pavlograd Ukraine What you see here happened for real. This is a teenager, 17-year-old Anastasia Fomenko, at her high school graduation. She wore a lace dress and stockings, shocking her whole school.

However, her parents thought this was quite OK and were present at the occasion. This paid off in a sense, the girl got famous instantly and was invited to a bunch of talk shows.

graduation lingerie Ukraine scandal

5 thoughts on “Ukraine: Scandalous Graduation Outfit

  1. Her clothes is nice, but I don’t believe it is ok to wear it at a high school graduation. It is somethinig to wear when you want to look sexy for your girlfriend or boyfriend.
    I really doesn’t like when the dress or skirt is that short. The upper part of the stockings is not supposed to be covered by the dress.

  2. In former Soviet countries, it is not that rare to see girls showing off the top of their hold-ups in public.
    She’s very cute.

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