Men in Pantyhose (Secretely!) – Controversial Personal Growth Training

November 23, 2016 under Boys, Weird

I was watching something on Youtube about a controversial personal growth training that gave people assignments to get out of their comfort zone, I imagine. Relatives of those who attended are really upset, saying that this is just absurd.

One of such challenges would be to make men wear pantyhose under their pants. Another one was to gather up some courage and show their bare bottom to the whole audience of other fellows who came there to expand their horizons.

I would like to know your thoughts on that. Such workshops tell their clients that they will become more successful in business as a result. Do you think this is a waste of money or there is some truth to it?

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  • Nikolaj says:

    Especially my colleagues from the sales department recommend such actions to overwhelm personal anxieties. Like bungee jumping or walking on a rope in heights.

    10 years ago I joined a sales organisation for 2 years from an insurance company after (!) working hours at my regular office job. It was a great experience. Even though I was very anxious at the beginning I stopped people on the street to talk. I rose above my personal anxieties.

    BUT it didn’t really last. Each new morning I thought “oh no, not again today, I have other things to do, maybe better tomorrow…” Until I realised that you can’t really slip out of your skin. You are the person you are. I’d rather believe to concentrate and evaluate your natural strengths. That brought me much further in life than to fight against your personality. In my opinion this only works for a brief period. As soon as the adrenaline has vanished you are the same old you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Nikolaj, thank you for the insightful reply! I agree, it doesn’t work for a long time. I’ve heard that if you take a break for over 6 months from cold-calling, you lose the skill.

      I’ve done some promotional work in the past that required approaching people, it wasn’t easy, but I think some benefits stayed with me for life. Let’s say, if I think something should be done, I will not let “not being comfortable about it” to stop me.

      Having said that, I don’t think that pulling my pants down in front of an audience would be a challenge that would be beneficial. It’s just embarrassing, not really educational. I can’t imagine feeling great about myself after such thing.

      But doing some hands on work, like asking people all night long if they want to join VIP mailing list for a night club, let’s say, helps. You learn to deal with rejection and to assess how to approach different personality types. It’s like a lesson in people’s psychology, a small social experiment.

      I find it especially fascinating to observe what people do in crowds. They will sign just about anything without reading if they see a bunch of their friends signing it. Group dynamics are what drives many sales.

      If I am at a trade show, I try to always have a customer near me. That draws other customers like a magnet because they see someone else taking interest. I see many sales people make a big mistake by dismissing someone as soon as they know that the sale won’t happen and then standing in the middle of an empty booth. If I feel (even though I never jump to conclusions like that) that this person is not the right kind of prospect, but there are no other customers around yet, I’ll still try my best to engage and entertain to keep him / her hanging out with me until other ones come in. People want to join an already existing group.

      Whew, I think I just revealed a whole bunch of my sales secrets! I want to say though that I always stay true to my values and I never do anything deceitful in sales. I can only sell if I believe in the product myself.

  • Strait in pantyjose says:

    Either man can become more successful either it’s worth spending money to that. Personally, more or less, I wear a pantyhose everyday under my pants. I’m doing that since 10 years ago and I can tell how I feel about this but I’m sure that it didn’t make me more successful than I am. I’m happily married and my wife knows about my fetish to pantyhose. She is, kind of, a supportive but still have some issues about that. I think that it is a ultimate goal when man succeeded in fact that women have understanding for it and became a role player by inviting her man to wear them whenever he wanted and specially during sex. But, woman’s aren’t so flexible to that, unfortunately.

    • admin says:

      You are an exception! You like to wear it. What if you wouldn’t like to wear, would you think that forcing yourself to wear it would make you more successful?

      • Strait in pantyjose says:

        Not at all…. if I wouldn’t like it it will make me achy and that alone is enough. There is nothing about self stem in that case.

        • admin says:

          There are some philosophies out there that getting embarrassed or uncomfortable is good for your character. Again, it’s other people saying, it’s not my opinion.

          Have you heard of a book called “4 Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris?

          For example, Tim in one of his interviews talks about Cato and his stoic mentality. He would wear mismatching clothes on purpose to high society outings in order to do what was considered shameful. His point was that he wants to train himself to be only ashamed of what is worth being ashamed of. Tim says that he experiments with this concept and wears crazy Austin Powers party pants to events in order to get weird looks.

          I think that doing something uncomfortable in order to achieve your goals is OK, like let’s say asking for a raise to your salary. But if it’s pointless, I don’t really see what it does in the long run.

          • Strait in pantyjose says:

            Don’t see why would be a “wearing pantyhose” shameful? Going to your point where Cato would wear the pantyhose means that he will be ashamed only because he is a man? Well, I think it is just a modern civilization dogma. Aren’t panties just a panties or we should have diversity, instead, on man and women’s panties? Does people really has to follow those rules set for one to get more wealth by acquiring it from persuading us that blue is for the boys and pink for the girls? Are pantyhose really only for the girls? Should I be ashamed if I wear them?

          • admin says:

            Good questions. I understand what you mean. If it’s not the norm, people will give bad looks and stare. It’s up to us now to react and whether to be controlled by others expectations. I agree that a lot of this is nonsense from our civilization, culture, etc.

            In North America a small boy in pantyhose is a taboo, but in Eastern Europe all children wear it for warmth. I don’t know why grown up boys don’t want to wear, even though I saw on twitter recently some guy saying that his mom keeps on telling him to wear it under pants because it is so cold. I knew a guy, completely not a fetishist, who used his mom’s tights to wear under pants for skiing.

            Blue for boys, pink for girls. I’ve read about this stuff that it wasn’t like that always and even at some point the colors were reversed. Do you notice though, you can see a baby girl wearing her older brother’s blue outfit and parents don’t mind! But if you would see a baby boy in his older sister’s pink pants, daddy will freak out and tell mommy that she is going to make the boy gay and he is not showing up in public like that with him! People’s reaction is mild if it’s about a girl and totally wild if it is about a boy in the wrong colour. No gender equality since diapers!

            I was speaking to an Asian guy from Vancouver who wears pantyhose and wants to buy some. He told me that if I ever run into him on the street when I travel, I should pretend like I don’t know him because he doesn’t want to tell anybody about this whole pantyhose thing. Do you think this person is ashamed of wearing? Yes, I think he is for sure ashamed!

            I see now there are beauty products like “body wash for men” or “shampoo for men”. Just marketing, we all have the same hair and skin. People with some chemistry knowledge laugh at this stuff.

          • Strait in pantyhose says:

            I woul like to add something at this point. Bearing in mind that no other woman is commenting, that strangest thing is having no clue what do they think about this issue and, overall, man in pantyhose. I mean, by doing such a thing, there’s a small chance that you will get more successful in the women’s society than in men’s. Men’s are more tolerant as most of them have a secret desire so they can understand. Women are, usually, just too shy to even have one yet alone to come up with it. And on top of that, more in to vanity fair then men’s.

  • llorenç says:

    Hello. i live in Majorca (Spain, Europe). I’m tights user i do with shorts. And the look is very confy. I remember my first time poenly in public, with a knee pants and skin colour tights, was in winter, and people look down my knees wondering “is he wearing?”, so I decided to change in black pair. No doubt i was wearing tights in public. The most important is your attitude, you aren’t doing nothing wrong…except expand your wardrobe. Some people look at your legs others not. I use tights when I want day or night, except in my job. is the situation just like the earrings on men or women with pants in 1950’s-60’s is just broken boundaries. I travelled last year with tights and shorts in London and Paris, no one complained about it.

  • I think that it is good to experience scary things to help ourselves gain more experience.

  • peter says:

    Interesting personal growth attempt. As someone who wears pantyhose under my pants and also shorts, I guess I can see some points of what is trying to be accomplished but am unsure it will make you more successful in business! Good basic communication and a good attitude will make you more successful in business than slapping on a pair of pantyhose or mooning someone. That being said I recall when I went out in shorts and black hose. There was no hiding at that point and yes, some people looked but that did not concern me. What I felt was freedom and a bit of sexiness. I guess that helped my confidence.

  • Martin says:

    Pantyhose on women is mostly missed by older men who at one time just expected women to wear hosiery as a normal daily garment. Now the broads think their overall comfort and cost is more important than looking sexy for their men and especially their arousal. Sadly , untrue!

  • Matthew Wilson says:

    Yes and no. I think it has to be your decision with a plan you personally develop. I wear pantyhose every day. Everyone that knows me, knows I wear. I wear for both medical reasons and also for comfort. I have worn nude pantyhose with shorts publically because I got tired of wearing pants over my hose when it was hot last summer and I will do it again. I am getting too old to care what people think of me. I also no longer feel like I am trying to hide something strange or afraid people will think of me wearing hosiery as something perverse. Being a male that wears pantyhose no longer feels like some dark secret I am trying to hide. I can talk so openly about it and I do not come across as weird because I am not acting or speaking nervously when buying pantyhose at a physical store.

    I create YouTube videos and have for many years but it has only been recently that I have been showing my face and really talking on video. I have camera shyness and I am working hard to get over that. To help myself achieve this goal, last week on my drive home I sang the first part of War Pigs by Black Sabbath on camera and posted the video to Facebook. I was indeed embarressed and scared to post that video. There was no music playing on my stereo. It was just my vocals.

    I feel exposed and vulnerable letting people hear me sing especially trying to sound good. The purpose of me doing this was to humiliate myself a bit so that I can be more comfortable in front of the camera making my YouTube videos. It worked.

    However, I feel like a person can be hurt emotionally by doing something which makes them feel too uncomfortable in an effort to gain strength in a completely unrelated topic. If you want to become more successful and strengthen your confidence as a leader, wearing pantyjose hidden under your pants is only going to support your legs and feel good if you have removed the hair. It won’t do a damn thing to boost your confidence and self esteem. Public speaking on the other hand will be well suited to address this area.

  • Robert Eres says:

    Hi, I used to be real shy about wearing pantyhose in public. These days, I do it every time I get a chance. Short shorts with a pair of sheer pantyhose over shaved legs. I get lots of compliments from women.

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