Madonna speaks out about sexism

madonna-in-layered-fishnets-and-stockingsYesterday I’ve read a NY times article about Madonna. She gave some pretty blunt statements about women, ageing, and even presidential elections. Sexuality didn’t go untouched either.

I thought about her statement saying that it is considered a taboo for a woman to share her own sexual fantasies with the world. It’s an unspoken rule.

She says that if it’s there to please a man, it’s OK, but if the woman is behind something sexual herself and owns it, that’s a taboo.

From my experience, this is true! I had people ask me if I am doing sexy photoshoots because my man likes it. They just assume that there is a man behind it who stirs me in this direction.

When I tell them that this is my own blog / video / idea and so on, they are kind of surprised. Of course later some even wonder if I am a lesbian. Somehow my interests just don’t fit into that gender-appropriate box.

Another stage is when I explain that I am the one who likes stockings and lingerie and I am in a committed relationship, there is this shock of “How does the guy allow this without getting jealous or suspicious?”

I wanted to make it clear to all of you reading, I don’t do any nudity or anything obscene. In the past I had some classy and tasteful lingerie videos on Youtube and of course they are no longer there because people kept on flagging even fully-clothed videos if the outfit involved pantyhose.


4 thoughts on “Madonna speaks out about sexism

  1. I have never liked double standards. I prefer open and honest conversations about sexuality. How else can you find like minded people. The only rule to follow is harm no one. Even in consensual bdsm play it must be consensual. All parties having the same expectations of safety and pleasure.

    Jessica, I have known you for a few years now. You are grace personified in female form. All you do And conceive of is done with taste and dignity. And of course your usual creative flair. Never stop. Never apologize. We love you and the things you do.

  2. I wonder if some of the surprise that people have expressed is due to the general idea that women hate wearing hosiery. Therefore you must be blogging about it to please your guy. The fact that you love leg wear doesn’t compute for them. My experience is different: maybe because I love hose so much, I tend to attract women who do. It seems every second woman I have known love pantyhose and tights. So, for me, your blog is perfectly natural.

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