First time I’m fooled when it comes to spotting stockings!

July 24, 2016 under Style

Fiestival Calgary Burlesque DancersToday I went to a Latin American festival in Calgary. They had a cool burlesque booth there with really nice dancers walking around in weathers and fishnets. I went to check it out because they were offering a free trial class.

There was a really nice lady there handling sign ups for the mailing list and I chatted with her a little bit about burlesque. I told her that I work with stockings and mentioned to her that I am surprised she is not wearing any.

Well, guess what, she said she is! I looked closer and I was amazed, she had a perfectly matched shade of hosiery on her legs, probably ultra sheer. I really confused it with bare legs. This is seriously the first time it happens to me!

In case you are into burlesque and live in Calgary, here is the website of the organization – Burlesquercise. I am already seeing a bunch of workshops there that I’d like to attend.

P.S. This post is not sponsored in case you are wondering, I just really like Burlesque and have a lot of respect for women who pursue it as a career.

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