A day without pantyhose

Yesterday I didn’t want any attention, looks, comments, or flirts. I put on a pair of dark grey jeans and a grey hoodie and went to do my errands. No make up and no heels.

The reason for that was that I am not feeling well. I had a fever, but had to go out anyway. At least I cancelled whatever wasn’t in the walking distance because in such condition it wouldn’t be smart to get behind the wheel.

I wanted to share this to show you that even a person like me sometimes has days when I’d rather not be noticed. For me those are just select days.

This is actually one of the lesser known reason to why some women prefer pants and sweaters. Some of them actually told me that they don’t want attention and they don’t feel comfortable when people look at them.

Today I perked up, at least my fever is gone. I put on a pair of colourful tights right away.


4 thoughts on “A day without pantyhose

  1. Hi Jessica. It’s nice to hear your feeling better. I can understand why a woman doesn’t want attention 24/7. Especially when she’s not feeling well. Since your wearing pantyhose today Jessica, your definitely on the road to recovery!!!!!

  2. Jessica:; Even guys who wear have off days. Not that they happen that often… but they do happen. And believe me, today’s not one of them. 😉

  3. Jessica I truly wish I had a girlfriend like you I could hug and hold sick or well I still would love her nd her pantyhosed legs and non pantyhose legs she still my girl and I’ll treat her like the princess she is even if she doesn’t feel like one some days

  4. “I put on a pair of colourful tights right away.”

    A sure sign of recovery.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Given your fever, I don’t blame you one bit for making that one of those rare days to fade into the background.

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