Young Guys Dancing in Pantyhose – Humour Shows


This is a funny video of young guys doing a background dance for the main artist in sheer white pantyhose.  As you see, it’s supposed to be humorous.  Perhaps they were trying to warm up the audience this way, dancing in pantyhose like this.

In this case there is a competition for women to put on pantyhose on their men.  Who will do it better?  After the pantyhose is on, men are instructed to dance Swan Lake ballet in such an outfit.


Why don’t I end up at such competitions?  I would dress up my man in seconds!  What do you think about this dancing in pantyhose?

*Friends, please keep in mind that this blog exists because of the online hosiery shop section.  Please have a look.*

4 thoughts on “Young Guys Dancing in Pantyhose – Humour Shows

  1. I love pantyhose and everything about them. I wear them from recently even though im a man. what do you think about man wearing tights? Im not trans or something but it turning me on so much!

    • I have no problem with that. If you see the history of hosiery, there is not much reason there to have pantyhose for women only. I also have some of my opinions in my bio.

      • Actually I’m new on your blog and havent read everything. But im glad to hear that, I can even send you some photos of me in pantyhose on your mail or somewhere to see your judge. You can even put it in some of your next posts when topic will be about men in tights. Anyway, its a great blog, keep on writing;)

  2. Actually, there are proven health benefits to pantyhose wearing for both sexes! If you are a male checking this blog site and have the slightest bit of curiosity about slipping into a pair, I suggest you contact Jessica and tell her about it; she will make you feel comfortable with your ideas. She had been a great mentor for me, gently guiding me into areas I never thought I would enter… and, they say, you only live once!

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