Wolsley Underwear and Hosiery Advertisement

This is an old advertisement that used a man for their marketing material.

I’ve heard it in a lecture on marketing that this was an approach to recognize the males as customers too.  Women buy hosiery and underwear and who gets to appreciate the most?  The men!
This brand still exists to this very day.  I wonder, did they really try to get men to buy stockings for their women or is this taken out of context by the presenter of the marketing lecture that I listened to?

I would love to hear your opinion. But I somehow don’t feel that the man in that silly hat on the Wolsey poster turns me on.

3 thoughts on “Wolsley Underwear and Hosiery Advertisement

  1. Do you know if the company also sold mens’ underwear and hosiery? Hard to gauge what the “call to action” is from the ad. Back then, I imagine a man buying hosiery for his wife would have set the whole town talking. Today, it doesn’t get a second glance – guess stores are thrilled that anyone is buying hosiery!

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