Wearing Zilda pantyhose by Fiore

June 27, 2016 under Fiore

Lately people compliment me a lot about wearing hosiery and say that seeing real life pictures really helps them to make a purchasing decision. It is common that hosiery may look somewhat different on the legs in daylight compare to images on the packages.

Here are some pictures for you of me wearing Zilda tights. I love anything sheer to waist because it emphasizes the length of my legs. I really like how these photos came out. Subtle floral pattern along the leg is not too over the top, suitable for visiting family functions, for example.

Zilda floral print tights by fiore on my legs 2

Click to view the product!

Zilda floral print tights by fiore on my legs 3

It is currently on sale, have a look!

One Response to "Wearing Zilda pantyhose by Fiore"

  • Michel says:

    Pantyhose should be much more often sheer to waist, especially opaques. One day I bought a 40 deniers pantyhose and it was not STW. As an example, non STW 15 deniers have a 40 deniers panty, so I figured my 40 deniers pantyhose would feature the same fiber transparency from the belt to the toes but it was not the case. It’s upsetting!

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