wearing vintage Kayser stockings and garter belt

In a local shop in Vancouver I managed to find a pair of vintage Kayser stockings and I tried it on with a fancy garter belt. Here’s a sneak peak from a public parking lot when nobody was looking.

red garter belt and vintage stockings

This garter belt was acquired from Dolce Amore Lingerie. In case you are interested, they have the same one for sale, size S, on their site. Buy it HERE. Or ask me, I am best friends with the owner.

garter belt dolce amore red crescentini

3 thoughts on “wearing vintage Kayser stockings and garter belt

  1. Yes, those stockings look great on you. As good as the garter belt looks, it seems too flimsy to do a good job holding up the stockings over the course of a busy day.

    • You are correct in a sense that this garter belt is mostly for decoration.
      The clasps are good.
      But, it only has 2 straps in the front and none at the back. So I think the back of my stockings were falling quite low as I was walking around.

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