Wearing Opaque Tights in the Summer

Just about every day I see people wearing leggings in the summer. So if they wear leggings, why not wear tights? Perhaps I wouldn’t go outside like that in the sun, but later on in the evening when it’s not as cold I would.

Photos below are of me wearing Davina tights by Fiore. I just have a few left and they are on sale.

Davina tights by Fiore photo 4 waist line

Davina tights by Fiore photo 3

Davina tights by Fiore photo 2 legs

Davina tights by Fiore photo 1

Davina is a cool 3D textured style with a zigzag pattern on the sides and dotty texture towards the middle. It has a slight gloss to it and the pattern goes all the way up to the waistline. Black is always easy to match to any outfits. The toe is reinforced for extra durability.

You’ll see that on the cover photo it is shown in blue. For whatever outrageous reason, Fiore never produced it in that shade. It was available in black only.

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