Wearing Keisha Orange Tights

Today I got to visit Prince Edward Island! I stopped to buy myself a pair of new shoes and I also wore my orange striped pantyhose called Keisha since Halloween is almost here.

Keisha orange tights

3 thoughts on “Wearing Keisha Orange Tights

  1. Nice outfit. I don’t see that orangepart of your tights. In my opinion they look white and nude. I liked the skirt, but it was not much of it on the picture.

    • I feel that if it would be thicker, it would be more orange. But yeah, they are orange.

      I was wearing these striped tights at the airport and a guy walked by me, saying that at first he thought this was sunburn on my legs and only when he came closer he figured out what it was. Maybe he was simply trying to flirt with me because I am yet to see orange sunburn.

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