Wearing Japanese 5 Toe Pantyhose – a Gift from a Fan!

tights, nylons, individual toe, One of my fans sent me these 5 toe pantyhose to try, one pair in black and one pair in nude. They are made in Japan and the brand is Shaleg Nudy 5 by Revealle.

This is my first time trying on Japanese pantyhose because usually I just can’t find something to fit me, I am way too tall. These are size L – LL and still it claims that 170 cm (my height exactly) is the highest it would go to.

I tried the black pair first because it shows up much better on the feet. This is a lot of fun and the feeling of having all toes separate is definitely something worth experiencing.

It took me longer to put it on compare to a regular pair of pantyhose. I had to pull on each toe separately and do it gently. This is not something that you can hop into in a rush.

Pantyhose like this I would actually consider wearing with thong sandals. They look so much better than toeless pantyhose in my opinion!

If you look closely, the toe part is made of micro mesh weave for extra durability. The panty portion on these is also reinforced. Stay tuned for my review of the next pair! You may also find a video of this on Youtube – 5 TOE PANTYHOSE.

2 thoughts on “Wearing Japanese 5 Toe Pantyhose – a Gift from a Fan!

  1. These pantyhose are really cool/interesting and amazing the way the toes are designed so they don’t run from the seams like cheap Chinese knockoffs. I have some of these for myself and they feel more comfortable on my feet because of the toe design. I have a lot of pain in my right foot from a tumor removal surgery and sometimes the normal foot of regular support pantyhose make my foot hurt more. I just wish they made these in one size larger.

    I will say your toes look more cute than mine. LOL.

    • Thanks, Matt!
      I personally can’t sleep in pantyhose, my foot starts to hurt if my toes are together in a sock.
      I could try these for sleeping, more freedom.

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