Vintage Pantyhose Haul and More

April 28, 2017 under Vintage

purple pantyhose with purple mary jane shoesToday I went to a second hand store to browse some vintage pantyhose. I left with a full bag of them and even managed to already sell 4 pairs on the same day to a person who collects a specific brand called Woodsonia.

There is one pair by Discretion brand that advertises itself as multi-colour basic tights for fashion, dance, and exercise. Yes, exercise! I wish I could show up to the gym wearing something like that.

Even though majority of vintage hosiery here was made in Canada or United States, I managed to find a pair of Ravinia

pantyhose from Ecuador. I had no idea they even make pantyhose there!

As I was browsing, I noticed a woman, most likely transgender based on her appearance, checking out shoes. She kept on mumbling something about someone not cleaning up the mess, referring to everyone as “bitches”.


Woodsonia tights, sold right away

I thought that maybe something happened before I got there and tried to calm her down by asking her if she liked pantyhose as I was sorting through whatever was there on display. She told me that she likes it and even came over to look at it as well. I asked her what size she wears and then she abruptly went back to the shoes, talking to herself out loud and referring to (most likely) me as a “butch dyke”.

I minded my own business from that point and didn’t interact with this person any further. Considering what I was wearing (leather jacket, mini skirt, tights, and high heels as shown on the photo here), I don’t think I looked like a “butch dyke” at all. My only reasonable explanation to this is that she could be on drugs or could be experiencing some mental health issues.

There was another situation expecting me at the cash register. The cashier, while sorting through the big pile of pantyhose I got, suddenly stopped half way and decided that she needs a break. She told another cashier to take over and left. This is the first time I see cashiers change in the middle of a transaction.

Do you see what I have to go through in order to fish out all of these rare vintage brands? I’m still working on uploading everything on eBay.

8 Responses to "Vintage Pantyhose Haul and More"

  • Antti says:

    Don’t worry, just keep on doing your thing. Nothing of butch in your attire. Compassion is always so great, but sometimes the other person is not able to cope with themselves at that particular point.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Antti!
      You are very sweet. I somehow thought people would start saying something like “mind your own business and don’t get involved”, but this is not how I want to live my life.

  • Eric VanSickle says:

    How could anyone think you’re a dyke? You’re one of the mostly ladylike women around.

  • Eric says:

    No worries Jessica. (and thanks so much for the photo of your Pantyhose outfit from the waist down) 🙂
    There will be a few times in life when we run into odd people, angry people, stupid people, mentally askewed people, etc… This person you described sounds like one of 3 types;
    A: Mentally unbalanced.
    B: Talking about someone else – possibly them-self. (Like a guy feeling that he struck-out on his chance with talking to a gorgeous girl with great Legs in a mini-skirt and Pantyhose ~ (walks away and mutters to himself, “Yeah, why would she like me, I look like a butch-dyke!”)
    C: An angry at the world for everything person that ‘negs’ on everyone in order to make them-self feel a bit superior over the situation.

    Some people deal with humans like that every other day. So your numbers for running into just this one are great. 🙂

    I must add a 4th or “D” type here-
    D: He/she is jealous (you obviously ARE very VERY good looking, especially in a short skirt and lovely Pantyhose) and felt he/she had to neg on you or someone to feel okay with themselves. (I am sure you heard of ‘catty’ girls. There is an episode of “Ellen” (when Ellen Degeneres had the funny sit-com) when the cute girl with the high voice that always wore mini-skirts and Pantyhose walks by, then the 2 other girls, even when 1 of them was kinda/sorta her almost friend, made fun of her saying, “Yeah, I think she is a bit too husky for lace Hose.” We see in the show that the girls knew it was obvious that she looked great, but they felt they needed to talk down (‘neg’) on her in order to feel okay with themselves at that very moment. I am sure you know about this. (but here are more examples!) 🙂 In the movie “Hitch” (with will smith and kevin james), when kevin james and the lovely blonde “Allegra” are at the red carpet event, the 2 ‘gayish’ guys that want to be something like a ‘style icon’ / ‘fashionista’ / etc say hi to ‘Allegra’ and immediately start ‘negging’ on everything. “Been to that new Brazilian restaurant? It’s disgusting!” “Did you see the new exhibit? It’s disgusting!” and on “Seinfeld” when Elaine holds the baby shower in Jerry’s apt for her old sort-of-friend from college – the old friend is a very bossy, rude person that simply insults and negs on everything to feel superior to herself and the dim commoners around her. Boom. No big deal Jessica. Someone was jealous or mentally screwy. Keep the posts coming. You are Loved. Big Hug. 🙂 – Erick

  • MeAppr01 says:

    You could go ahead and wear those Discretion brand to the gym. it would give you a new topic here to write about and more media content on facebook and instagram. Plus, you could also write about others reactions. Anyways, what do you have to lose, you are going to be moving soon. 🙂 Go for it!!!

    • admin says:

      I posted on social media before, I tried wearing shiny Raula tights in purple to the gym. Went to my Zumba class like that. I can try it again with other shades! I’ve got those Discretion tights only in white though, I am not sure if it’s a good shade for the gym.

  • mytights says:

    Raula tights are great fashionable , durable, looks great on fits great to. I have every color in them

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