Victoria Secret and their Knock Off Lawsuit

Recently Victoria Secret was sued by their former hosiery supplier – Zephyrs.  They stopped buying from them, but continued to use photos of their products on packaging of other hosiery that was of lower quality.

The only thing that changed was that the label now read “made in Canada” rather than “made in Italy”.  Zephyrs feels that Victoria Secret presented a Canadian knock off as if it was that high quality Italian brand that they originally worked with.

This lawsuit was processed in Columbus, Ohio to claim false advertising and fraud.  Maybe it’s a little off topic, but for me lately a lot of things were revolving around that city!  I even ended up there in August – exactly the month when they had that case submitted.

Styles that are being recalled are Lace Top Fish Net Stockings, Fish Net Thigh-Highs With Backseam, and Signature Stripe Thigh-High With Bows.  If you ever tried those, I’d love to hear from you!

Below you can see some images that show you the differences in the welt of the stockings.

2 thoughts on “Victoria Secret and their Knock Off Lawsuit

  1. Unfortunate. Once upon a time Victoria’s Secret offered some of the best hosiery available. As with most companies, they are always looking to drive down costs and increase profits. Obviously, its more expensive to have them made in Italy and the quality is worlds better.

    I was under the impression that VS had switched to a hosiery manufacturer out of Mexico. But if the package says Made in Canada, anything goes. I know some items say Made in Canada when in fact they come from the Orient… aka China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

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