Unisex Tights – is it really different?

I think that so far on almost every single blog I’ve seen this topic on hosiery from Emilio Cavallini that is now Unisex.

Yes, beautiful collection.  But what makes it really unisex?  It looks to me as if regular “non unisex” pantyhose fit men just as well.

I personally think that men look better in pantyhose that is plain because it just looks more conservative.  Men in general dress much more modest then women.

One of my boys told me that he tried a pair of pantyhose designed for men once that had a fly in it.  However, he finds that he’d never even use that feature.  It’s not common in modern male underwear anyway.

Have you ever tried this brand or any other brand designed for men?  I’d love to hear your feedback.


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9 thoughts on “Unisex Tights – is it really different?

  1. Yes Comfilon.com sells mens brands. I buy them all the time. I also buy women’s brands. As for the fly feature… from a fetish standpoint it allows easy access to our privates much the same way that crotchless does for women. For ease of going to the bathroom… well it is probably not needed.

  2. “. . . what makes it really unisex? It looks to me as if regular “non unisex” pantyhose fit men just as well.”

    As a man who has been wearing “non-unisex” pantyhose for more than thirty years, I don’t understand why it’s necessary to make pantyhose especially for men. The women’s pantyhose I wear fit me so perfectly (excluding control tops — they’re very confining)that it almost seems like they were made for men.

  3. To me, these pantyhose are similar in every aspect to those that were once sold for women. The manufacturer only labeled them “unisex” on the package so men get more confident to buy them.

    What I noticed is that the main barrier is in our heads. People less and less worries of who wears what, and it’s much better like that.

  4. I haven’t bought tights made for men because its just a way to inflate the price plus there are not many color choices and there are no fashion stylish ones and usually only come in black, brown or navy. So I myself have always bought women’s colored tights and pantyhose cheaper more choices and no I don’t wear openly with shorts the majority of the public is full of ridicule and labeling and being a st8 male that wears as fashion plus the warmth, feel ,look and support. There is many benefits in wearing for both males and females whos to judge your not hurting anyone and men wore first back in history

  5. Comfort first! I wear most of the time legwear4men’s unisex hose, and they hugely are more comfortable than regular and expensive women’s hose.

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