Trying fun poses in Lorraine by Fiore tights

May 11, 2017 under Fiore

I went to the back yard today to take some photos in these Lorraine tights with sheer cut out pattern at the back. I wish I’d have some fun shade running shoes and I could do a very stylish street look in these. Opinions welcome!


Lorraine pantyhose with cut out pattern by Fiore resized 2 Lorraine pantyhose with cut out pattern by Fiore resized 3 modeling European pantyhose outside, in public

2 Responses to "Trying fun poses in Lorraine by Fiore tights"

  • Nikolaj says:

    Woman in Blue! It is outstanding that you wear very often noticeable hence seductive tights. Like a real lady should. You look terrific in your blue top and ladies’ shoes. I think some fitting blue gym shoes should be easy to find. You have begun jogging ? Guess Calgary should be at least perfect for that with its nature. You must be the colorful & shining attraction jogging in the woods. Since you radiate so much fun and charm I can imagine all the male jogger try to keep your pace for watching you.

  • Peaches and Screams Sexy Lingerie says:

    You have gorgeously pulled this one off!

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