My trip to Vancouver

May 5, 2016 under Travel

It’s been over a year since I moved away to Calgary and finally an opportunity turned up to go for a week to Vancouver, back to where I spent several years of my life. I am loving every moment by the ocean.

I got back, saw my familiar surroundings, and had a few teary moments. Oh, I miss it, I can’t even explain how much. Hopefully it will work out for me to move back within a couple of years. I even already checked some real estate listings.

Shopping in Vancouver:

I was trying on these purple shoes by Prada. What do you think?

Trying on Prada Shoes and wearing backseam cuban heel pantyhoseTrying on Prada Shoes and wearing backseam cuban heel pantyhose





Eating Out in Vancouver: 

Vancouver has the best sushi! I also got to visit my friend and she prepared home-made fish for me. It was delicious.


Seeing my friends

I visited some good friends. One of them cooked home-made Asian fish for me. She always does that when I come over. Wonderful stay!

my friend cooked fish for me



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2 Responses to "My trip to Vancouver"

  • Marty says:

    So glad you had such a great time. Must have been a great stress reliever. Love the Prada shoes. Might just give me some inspiration.

    Glad your back safe & sound my dear friend

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