Tribute to pantyhose model Adrianne: created by Aton Digital Arts

As you may know from my previous article, recently one of the models cherished by the hosiery community tragically died.  Many people are still learning about this through forums or blogs like this one.

One of Adrianne’s fans, Aton, created this lovely tribute to her and I thought to share it with you.  I was surprised how much this drawing actually looks like Adrianne.  He painted it completely in photoshop with the use of several reference photos.

“There was something unique about her smile, sophisticated poses and the way she enhanced her shapely legs in hose.”, says Aton.  “Hopefully, her soul has found peace.”

You can see more pin up digital art by Aton here:


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3 thoughts on “Tribute to pantyhose model Adrianne: created by Aton Digital Arts

  1. I am so damn sad to learn about this news! She was the most gorgeou, amazing pantyhose model ever! She was number one and I am so sad to hear about this! I absolutely love your tribute pic! It looks exactly like her! Makes me want to cry that is for sure! You will be surely missed and her art will be as well! I am definitely a huge fan and I hope that she is in forever peace! So sad to hear!

    Sincerely a number one fan,

    -Nick from WI-

  2. Really sad to hear this news. First and best model (pantyhose or otherwise) I ever found on the internet. Joined her site shortly before it went offline. Wondered what happened to her but never thought it’d be as sad as this…

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