Tights in Saskatoon

January 20, 2014 under News

Saskatoon tights buyWith all my recent travels, I came to read a few articles in the in flight magazine that actually pointed out to Saskatoon (a city in Saskatchewan) being quite a trendy place.

Initially my only knowledge of Saskatoon was that they have moose roaming and peeking into your open windows.  However, now I see that there are some sexy vixens there flaunting all sorts of outfits including tights!

I saw this photo on the Planet S Magazine website, featuring a local girl with a sense of style. Yes, people wear fashion tights in Saskatoon!

One Response to "Tights in Saskatoon"

  • Loretta Martin says:

    The young girl in the picture looks nice. She has a wonderful hair colour, a nice dress, nice tights, but her shoes is awful. They doesn’t fit with the rest of her outfit. The simple black dress and the eyecatching tights and those shoes. How could she do that combination. It would have been much better without shoes.

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