The sad side of pet stores

I understand that this is not a stockings topic, but I really felt that I need to share my recent experience with you. I love animals and from time to time I go to a pet store just to look and admire them.

Yesterday I went to Pet Smart and stopped by the guinea pig cage to watch how they play. Right away I noticed that one of them had some kind of crusty build up around the eyes and as I continued watching, the animal even took a few wipes at its nose with the paw just like we do when we have a cold.

I walked up to the staff and told them that there is a sick guinea pig in the cage. They even sent a person in charge of the guinea pigs to me to hear my concern. She said that the animals all came in together in one batch (hence this is why to my big surprise they haven’t separated them from the sick one) and there is a veterinarian coming tomorrow.

But as we continued talking, I realized that she is pointing at a different guinea pig. The one that she was saying is sick had some redness around the eye. She totally missed the other animal that had crusty eyes and a runny nose.

These guinea pigs were still for sale and mixed in with healthy looking others. They told me that they will treat them only if they show symptoms. Thus, think about it, you can buy a good looking animal that already was exposed to an infection and only discover this a few days later. Once you take it home, I doubt you’ll be able to prove much.

Please take this into consideration when getting a pet. I only saw this kind of stuff on television and now after I’ve been faced with it first hand, I feel very upset.

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