Top 10 Myths about Pantyhose – can you help me with this list?

I’d like to create a list of what kind of things people say about pantyhose.  Some of this applies, but to cheap brands and when you are not wearing your size!  Can you help me with this list?

1) Falls down between the legs

2) Unfashionable

3) Obsolete

4) Over-priced

5) Not Healthy

6) Itchy

7) Not for youth

8) Causes pain

9) Not for cold weather

10) Not for warm weather

Please help me to improve this and I’ll put it on a separate page for readers to see at all times.  I would also like to include an explanation to why this is not true.  (ex. different denier for different weather)

update – this list is now published under A Dozen Myths

Bodysuits are not just for the bedroom!

Amber is wearing a black bodysuit

Amber is a trans woman from Australia with a love of bodysuits, pantyhose and anything with lycra in it.

Q: When it comes to bodysuits, I am used to seeing them as lingerie.  I even had several myself that had hooks at the bottom.  Those were my weapons of seduction.  But now I am seeing some that resemble swimsuits for dance or gymnastics without any hooks in the panty portion.  I wonder, what are they for?  

Yes, bodysuits can mean different things for different people. I guess the most common form is the lingerie kind, and yes those generally have the crotch fastenings. At the moment there are also a whole range of bodysuits that are designed to be worn as its own piece of clothing; similar to the way you would wear a top. You are right, these don’t always have the crotch hooks. I would say there are two categories of bodysuits; shapewear (or underwear) bodysuits and fashion bodysuits. Here, I’ll explain a bit about each one and why I like wearing them. Bodysuits can feel really great to wear.


I love wearing a nice tight bodysuit as underwear. This kind generally falls in the category of shapewear.  As one Youtube model named Christina says, shapewear is like pantyhose for your body.

I would split underwear, or shapewear, bodysuits into two different types of thong bottom and normal bottom.  Most bodysuits, especially the shapewear ones come with a hook-fastening crotch which makes it more accessible in the crotch area.

Thong bodysuits 

Thongs are really comfortable. They are nice and tight around the crotch. And with the thong resting firmly in-between the butt cheeks, they can make for a sexy feeling!  The only downside I find is if I’m in a work environment and I’m wearing jeans, sometimes I worry about my shirt rising up to reveal the fact that I’m wearing a thong.  Some situations I don’t mind if people see, other environments it’s not so appropriate.  If I wear a thong bodysuit to work or such places, I make sure I’m wearing a shirt that won’t ride up and bottoms that won’t ride down.  Leggings are perfect to wear with thong bodysuits I find as they give my bum a really good shape with no visible panty lines. Also thong bodysuits are great to wear with skirts (pencil skirts or miniskirts) and pantyhose.  I usually wear the bodysuit over the top of my pantyhose.

One of my thong bodysuits is from Vedette.  It has latex in the body of it so it is really tight. It gives a great hourglass shape to my body. The only downside is that it’s quite thick material and is quite hot, and it gets too hot to wear in summer. It’s definitely a winter bodysuit. Spanx also so a great thong bodysuit in a thinner material.

Full bottom bodysuits 

Full bottom bodysuits are great too. I usually wear these when I’m in a place where I don’t want my thong to show, or when I just don’t feel like wearing a thong. I like the full support feeling around my bum. You don’t get this feeling with the thong bodysuit. You can either go for a lingerie kind of look with under wire, and some might come with corset shaping in the body. The ones with the under wire are handy because it is basically and bra and panties in one. They also usually have a hook-fastening on the crotch.

Balera Body Suit – another item in Amber’s wardrobe

Another kind is more of a ballet, leotard style.  I’ve actually just bought this Balera bodysuit online.  It has its own built in shelf bra which can be handy. I wear this one under jeans, tights, skirts or leggings.  I wear tight fitting shirts or singlets over it. I might wear it on its own if I find the right bottoms to go with it, but it is generally an undergarment so should really be hidden from view.  This is also a great bodysuit to wear as underwear when exercising, or any active situations.

All of these bodysuits are great to wear as underwear.  I love the tight, sexy feeling they give, especially the shapewear bodysuits.  And, because they are worn as underwear, under clothes, nobody necessarily knows you are wearing this tight, snuggly undergarment!


Another kind of bodysuit is the fashion bodysuit. These are generally worn as you would a top. So generally nothing goes over the top of them.

I have just bought this particular bodysuit from Black Milk.  They have a wonderful range of bodysuits in all sorts of different prints and styles.  They even do a hooded bodysuit!! It’s super sexy.  They actually call these swimsuits.  As much as they look great as part of everyday wear you can also swim in them!  But take care to wash them well after swimming because lycra doesn’t like saltwater and chlorine!  Also note that these don’t have the crotch fastenings.

Amber is wearing a bodysuit by Black Milk with shiny pantyhose by Wolford.

I have so much fun styling these up for playing around with different outfits to complement the bodysuit. With a printed one, like the one above, I go for simple items to go with it such as plain shorts and cardigans so as not to complicate the outfit. I would wear this with a mini skirt, tight jeans, or some little denim shorts. It would also go with some baggy pants to give the effect of baggy bottom, tight top. It might also go with some leggings over the top but to do this I think would take some careful styling. Then I might put a nice cardigan or blazer over the top if it’s a cold day. It looks even better with a nice low hanging necklace too!

Bodysuits cover a range of purposes. I love the feeling of walking down the street in a nice tight bodysuit, either under my clothes or as a piece of clothing itself.  Worn correctly, they make for a great, sexy feel.  A great addition to pantyhose, either as underwear or on its own as part of an outfit!


Please visit Amber’s blog to learn more about her love for bodysuits, pantyhose, leggings, and all other tight sexy clothing.

stockings over pantyhose – trend?

I’ve heard about this, but I didn’t actually think anyone would do that.  At least, I’d wear over the knee socks in addition to pantyhose, but never stockings.

I was surprised to find these photos of a Ukranian singer, Nastya Kamenskih, at an award ceremony in 2009.   Naturally, she was the winner for “the most beautiful person” in Ukraine for that year.

I also found a photo online from a fashion show (not sure which one, if someone knows, please tell me) of models in black pantyhose with white stockings over it.

Maybe some practical reasons for doing this could be to get that sexy look of stockings and garter belt without showing bare skin that may have imperfections.

I’d love to hear your opinion about this!  Would you consider doing that?  Do you find it sexy?


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Unisex Tights – is it really different?

I think that so far on almost every single blog I’ve seen this topic on hosiery from Emilio Cavallini that is now Unisex.

Yes, beautiful collection.  But what makes it really unisex?  It looks to me as if regular “non unisex” pantyhose fit men just as well.

I personally think that men look better in pantyhose that is plain because it just looks more conservative.  Men in general dress much more modest then women.

One of my boys told me that he tried a pair of pantyhose designed for men once that had a fly in it.  However, he finds that he’d never even use that feature.  It’s not common in modern male underwear anyway.

Have you ever tried this brand or any other brand designed for men?  I’d love to hear your feedback.


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what not to wear – pantyhose and uggs or rubber boots

Michelle Trachtenberg in pantyhose and uggs

Here is an example of a horrible combination of pantyhose and rubber boots.  Oh, is she planning to clean the barn and look sexy for the cows while doing it?  I only wear rubber boots if I am going to the forest or to the stables.

hunter rubber boots

To my surprise I took this photo at a fashion show, not at the cowshed. Pantyhose and rubber boots combo.

I love pantyhose, but I believe that it should be worn in harmony with other garments.  Therefore, in some cases it’s better not to wear it rather than to look stupid.

Another one of my most disliked combinations is pantyhose and ugg boots.  One of the local bloggers in Vancouver even created an article about how much she dislikes the ugg fashion.  She has quite a number of people that agree!

I remembered another horror combination, but I couldn’t take a picture because I was actually at work at the time.  There was a woman wearing 40 den pantyhose  and men’s flat sports sandals.

summer fashion faux pas

Vanessa Hudgens is wearing Uggs even in the summer, without hosiery or socks.

But let’s also not forget that in July sometimes there are women going around in Uggs or winter boots with bare legs.  Let’s say, like on the photo here Vanessa Hughes, actress and singer, comes off her tour bus in Uggs and a summer outfit.

Isn’t it time for some common sense?  Here is another example of bright pink pantyhose and uggs spotted in Vancouver by a local blogger, Side Walk Runway.

It is not unusual that Vancouver got ranked as one of world’s top worst dressed cities because of its love for yoga pants.

But I’d personally add more items to that list that make Vancouver locals so sloppy when it comes to keeping up their look.

granada by Fiore pantyhose 2 with wellington rubber boots granada by Fiore pantyhose 3 with wellington rubber boots granada by Fiore pantyhose 4 with wellington rubber hunter boots granada by Fiore pantyhose

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