Merry Orthodox Christmas! Did you know there was a 2nd one?

Orthodox Christmas – January 7, 2014

Most of Eastern Europe celebrates their Christmas on January 7th.  There is a 2 week gap between Orthodox and Catholic calendar.  Merry Christmas!

Marea stockings Julia Christmas Theme

Julia, one of the ladies who helps out with this blog, is posing in Marea stay up stockings.

stockings near christmas tree

These are my fun Marlena stockings by Fiore beside a Christmas tree!

Taya pantyhose on Nataly

This is my friend Nataly, showing off her legs in Taya pantyhose by Fiore.


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Hanukkah Pantyhose Party

I went to see my accountant on the first day of Hanukkah and to my surprise she was also wearing fancy pantyhose.  Don’t we look cute together?

Her family is Jewish, but they follow local traditions too – that explains the decorations under the tree.  The tree to them is just a cute thing, not related to any religion.

I pulled up my knee high skirt and posed with her for some photos.  She was surprised to see me so excited about what she was wearing.  Well, I guess it’s because I never see her in pantyhose!

I think that sparkly of patterned hosiery is a great way to add some spirit to a holiday outfit.

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