Wearing Japanese 5 Toe Pantyhose – a Gift from a Fan!

June 9, 2017 under Brands

tights, nylons, individual toe, One of my fans sent me these 5 toe pantyhose to try, one pair in black and one pair in nude. They are made in Japan and the brand is Shaleg Nudy 5 by Revealle.

This is my first time trying on Japanese pantyhose because usually I just can’t find something to fit me, I am way too tall. These are size L – LL and still it claims that 170 cm (my height exactly) is the highest it would go to.

I tried the black pair first because it shows up much better on the feet. This is a lot of fun and the feeling of having all toes separate is definitely something worth experiencing.

It took me longer to put it on compare to a regular pair of pantyhose. I had to pull on each toe separately and do it gently. This is not something that you can hop into in a rush.

Pantyhose like this I would actually consider wearing with thong sandals. They look so much better than toeless pantyhose in my opinion!

If you look closely, the toe part is made of micro mesh weave for extra durability. The panty portion on these is also reinforced. Stay tuned for my review of the next pair! You may also find a video of this on Youtube – 5 TOE PANTYHOSE.

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Nylon Socks and Open Toe Summer Shoes

September 17, 2013 under Style
nylon socks and open toe shoes

Such combination is considered to be OK.

Past summer there was a trend, at least in Asia, of such combinations.  What are your thoughts on that?  I even saw some in our local store and thought it was terrible, but my Chinese friend explained to me that it was actually a popular trend.

Russian stylists also addressed the topic, but said that it’s something for women who are under 20 years old.

nylon socks and white sandals

No way! Ugly! Only for grandmothers.

Another designer, Maxim Chernitsov, ridiculed it when women wear nude nylon socks with open toe shoes to avoid getting blisters because it him it was something a grandmother would do only.

Would you ever wear summer shoes with nylon socks?

nylon foot socks and shoes

But isn’t this one kind of hot?

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Cute Japanese Five Finger Pantyhose

August 19, 2012 under Weird

One of the readers sent me a suggestion for a post.  These are cute and I’d love to try them some day, but what’s the benefit of having individual 5 toes?  To me it’s like gloves for feet.  Someone told me that they had a similar design in Germany.

I even had thoughts of taking my old pantyhose and stitching the toes like that to create 5 compartments to try.  But one thing on these pictures that is for sure beyond my own abilities is the lack of heavy seams around the toes.

Camel toe pantyhose in Vietnam (courtesy of the Man on The Lam)

February 25, 2012 under Weird

Correction!  Thanks to hosiery advocate’s note we now know that this kind of camel toe pantyhose is actually designed and pattented in United States by a female entrepreneur.  But hey, perhaps the market for it is only in Hanoi!

Update: I went to visit my friend who is from Vietnam and I was wearing nude pantyhose and my Cassadei shoes.  I asked her for slippers, but she offered me flip flops.  Turns out that this is what they do, regardless whether the sock or pantyhose are designed for flip flops or not.

You can see the original article here:   http://manonthelam.com/bizarre-sights-of-vietnam/

One of my friends from Germany told me that he saw this design on the market in Germany and even pantyhose that have sets of full toes (that I’d love to see!).

Eveline pantyhose by Fiore

As a response to Raymond, I’d like to mention that in fact this is very weird to me as well.  I probably wouldn’t couple flip flops and pantyhose at all.  However, I must say that I tried once camel-toe socks with Japanese flip flops for a Japanese photoshoot.  That felt very unusual between the toes, but it was a very interesting experience for me to wear it.
This is an example of pantyhose from Poland that to my knowledge is available on Vietnamese market as well.  This is probably the closest that I’ve seen to camel-toe pantyhose.  Also, I should mention that I have a young female Greek friend who is a newcomer to Canada and she wears this kind of pantyhose in the summer.  Perhaps such trends are spreading world-wide!  If anyone has an opinion about this or an experience to share with us, I’d be happy to hear it.

camel toe pantyhose

Camel Toe Pantyhose

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