Jacob Tomsky in Pantyhose for a Week

Upbeat, funny, and the type who’s seen it all decided to flaunt some stockings and pantyhose for a new experience.  I applaud Jacob for having the courage to do this and his open mind.

From his biography we learn that he worked in hotels for more than a decade.  Could it be that he saw just about any scenario there?  He clearly says that he learned all the naughty house keeping secrets there in his book, Heads in Beds.  So wearing pantyhose for him is probably just fine.

Love is beautiful, life is diverse.  Let’s not get tangled up in the stereotypes and do what makes you happy.

I asked Jacob if he had anything to add to this.  Here is his response below. As you see, he is a candid kind of guy and says things the way they are.

Twitter talk with Jacob Tomsky

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Thank you, Jacob, for taking interest in participating in this discussion and being an open-mind type of guy in general!  It is about time our society becomes more accepting. Keep it up!