Suspender Tights, Again!

June 20, 2017 under Fiore

I found these photos of a sexy blogger modeling Milla tights by Fiore online. I don’t know any of her contact info unfortunately, so if you do, please tell me and I’ll at least give her credit and put a link to her site. Way to go, girl! You look stunning in that yellow dress and tights.

Milla tights by Fiore on a blogger

Milla tights by Fiore on a blogger 2

Milla tights by Fiore on a blogger 3

Milla tights by Fiore on a blogger 4


Blogger wearing Milla suspender tights

May 5, 2014 under Fiore

blogger in Milla tights by Fiore with mock stocking imitation pattern 1 blogger in Milla tights by Fiore with mock stocking imitation pattern 2

Fiore hosiery brand sends their samples to bloggers who agree to model it and promote the brand. This is one of them. Somehow Milla by Fiore is the most popular hosiery style that I see girls modeling.

a girl in mock stockings pantyhose

April 23, 2014 under News

girl in milla pantyhose

Hot, isn’t it? I found this photo online of an aspiring model showing off her legs. I love it!

I am not sure what brand she is wearing, but the style is almost identical to Milla tights by Fiore that imitate stockings.

girl in milla pantyhose 2 girl in milla pantyhose 3

Pantyhose that Imitate Stockings

January 31, 2012 under Love

This is a cool peekaboo surprise under a skirt – Fiore pantyhose

Have you tried pantyhose that imitate stockings?  There are many names for it… mock stockings, suspender tights, faux stockings… For sure it’s not for everybody, but I love these pantyhose! 

Today I wore it with a medium length skirt and got a lot of compliments from both genders. 

They are very cute, especially with the sparkle from metallic Lurex fibre on the fake garters that go up to the waist.  They are sheer on top and more opaque at the bottom with a cotton gusset and reinforced toe. 

These pantyhose are by Fiore, it’s a Polish manufacturer of hosiery that is now available in Canada.  As you can see, my shop section is full of it!

Milla in "plum" shade

Milla in “plum” shade – available at the shop section!  Please support me with your purchases.


red jacket JFF314 - Copy

Note added at a later date:

I am glad to say that I got to model for Finn Magazine, wearing such mock stocking pantyhose!

My mock stocking pantyhose

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