Julia models Carola tights by Fiore

June 23, 2017 under Fiore

Carola tights by Fiore are finally in stock. Here are some photos of Julia’s legs in these cool melange tights with an over knee imitation pattern. Leave a comment if you want to see more photos done by Julia, she has such nice legs!

Carola tights by Fiore on Julia's legs

Carola tights by Fiore on Julia's legs melange 3 over knee sock pattern

Carola tights by Fiore on Julia's legs melange 2


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Opinions on Melange Tights

April 12, 2014 under Fiore

michelle melange fiore tights

Melange means “mix” in French. If you look at such tights, you’ll see that it’s like as if they have two colours mixed in them, both grey and black. Grey is always the undertone. So it can be grey/brown, grey/black, grey/burgundy, and so on.

It’s a neutral, muted option to combine with other clothing that you may want to draw attention to. In the photo here the model is wearing Michelle tights by Fiore in black.

Somehow for me the look of such tights is so comforting. It just looks warmer than any other 60 den because it has mixed yarn like that, as if I am looking at a knitted blanket.

Samira pantyhose by Fiore

Stylists say that such melange tights make the leg visibly fuller, so women with skinny legs like the one in the photo would benefit from wearing it.

If you happen to like it, at the moment there is only one pair left in Small in the shop section – Michelle tights by Fiore.

Shannon by Fiore is another style of melange tights, with a side pattern.  Samira is another style to consider if you like patterns.