Symbol of Aristocracy – some history highlights

June 19, 2012 under Vintage

The first woman to put on stockings was Markiza de Pompadour in the 18th century.  She was the lady of Ludovik XV and for all the women around she was like an icon of style.  So all the rest followed, excited with this new trend.

Other famous women, like French Catherine de’ Medici and her neighbour Elizabeth I from England, both wore stockings for warmth and for adoration from their male admires.  Since then, hosiery is symbol of individuality and aristocracy.  Only the rich could afford to have it.

Still, hosiery remains to be a garment of high class and professionalism.  I look back to those times when hosiery was a distinction between an aristocrat lady and a peasant girl.  Knowing the history makes it more meaningful to complete my look with a pair of sheer plain pantyhose – I am keeping this wonderful tradition alive.

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