I am back on Facebook, for the 3rd time!

February 2, 2017 under News

I am sure that many of you are wondering when I’ll be finally back on Facebook. A few minute ago I finally gathered up the courage, looked up one of my several e-mail addresses that hasn’t been blocked from Facebook yet, and started a new profile called Jessica Calze like the previous one.

Please don’t ask me why I got deleted in the first place. I don’t know, they never said anything, just removed my profile. Thank you to Gerard for being a back up admin person on my Fantasy Stockings Fan Page, if it wouldn’t be for him, that page would be gone too.

Do you want to add me on Facebook? Go ahead – Jessica Calze is my username. I approve all friend requests and this is probably one of the reasons why I get booted out. The way I see it is that every person is a potential fan /customer and if I am there to promote my blog, I don’t mind making those connections.


facebook profile

My Facebook account gets deleted. AGAIN.

November 23, 2016 under News

Dear friends and followers, once again, for the 2nd time around, my Facebook account “Jessica Calze” gets deleted. I don’t know why! I checked my inbox to see if I got some kind of a message about this deletion, but there is nothing there.

Luckily my fan page, Fantasy Stockings, is still up because I am not the only admin person. This is something that I’d like to really emphasize to those of you who have a fan page – get another admin person, even if inactive and symbolic, because if your account is deleted, your page will disappear along with.

I’m going to create a new account again, but I’ll try to be more careful so I don’t get deleted again. I am not sure what actions lead to this deletion, but I’ll do my research.

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