Japanese Pantyhose Tug of War Game

funny entertainment from Japan - hosiery stretching contestJapanese, an extra-ordinary nation, came up with a new game – pantyhose tug of war.

Two men put pantyhose legs over their head and who ever pulls it off the other one is the winner.

You can see in the background women laughing like never before.  The winner stands proudly with white pantyhose over his head for a while, enjoying the feeling of nylon victory.

You can see the full video here:


Cheers to Japanese humour and to Japanese pantyhose quality that won’t rip even if Tsumo wrestlers try!


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Cute Japanese Five Finger Pantyhose

One of the readers sent me a suggestion for a post.  These are cute and I’d love to try them some day, but what’s the benefit of having individual 5 toes?  To me it’s like gloves for feet.  Someone told me that they had a similar design in Germany.

I even had thoughts of taking my old pantyhose and stitching the toes like that to create 5 compartments to try.  But one thing on these pictures that is for sure beyond my own abilities is the lack of heavy seams around the toes.