Azerbaijan: ban on sheer pantyhose

legs in pantyhoseIn the city of Nakhchivan, located in Azerbaijan, local government has banned women who have government funded jobs to wear nylon pantyhose. Their government consistently keeps on surprising the public with new bans – internet clubs, social media, and even Playstation salons.  Cafes and hair salons also got closed down.

School teachers are not allowed to wear high heels, short skirts, low cut tops.  They are also banned from wearing nail polish and from coloring their hair.  If a teacher would be dressed like that, she would not be able to enter the school. For civilians there are bans on walking in groups, hanging laundry on balconies, baking bread in certain ovens, and even performing some foreign-acquired funeral customs.

It is hard to say what causes this Muslim region to pass such laws, maybe an attempt to recover from the fashions and habits that remained from formal USSR.  I am surprised how a woman from this country even managed to win Eurovision song contest at some point. It could be that laws vary from region to region, for example Baku doesn’t have such laws.

So ladies, if you ever end up in that area for a business meeting, keep in mind that wearing sheer pantyhose is a bad idea!  In general, if you are going to such a country for business meeting, be aware that their standards may differ from ours.  As rough as it may sound, it may be even better not to go and send your male substitute instead.


Comment from Twitter:

“I’ve actually been to Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan is an autonomous area, geographically and politically separate from the rest.”

How many of you use I-Phones to browse? – Mobile Traffic Talk

These days i-phones are like new laptops. Websites need to adjust to all the mobile traffic. As they say, the rule of thumb is that if they can’t put their finger on it on their screen – it’s too small.

Today I was speaking to a computer guy who had a look at my blog and told me that the current template is not working well on the i-phone.

Please tell me, how many of you actually use phones to browse?

I would love to know if there are any stats out there for mobile traffic for United States and Canada.

He even told me that about 50% of the online purchases are done through an i-phone.  True?

I don’t have an i-phone, kind of hate that concept of having e-mail non-stop… I wouldn’t know myself.   I appreciate your input.

people will access the internet more frequently through devices other than laptops according to statistics

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