My Copy of Finn Magazine Arrived!

March 21, 2013 under News

finn magazine 3I am so excited, yesterday I got my first copy of Finn Magazine in the mail!  It was so discreetly packaged that I couldn’t even tell what it is myself.  When I opened it, I was thrilled and I couldn’t wait to see and read everything.

Actually I didn’t expect it to be printed on such high quality paper with such high quality ink.  It’s not one of those magazines that you pick up at the gas station, it’s actually looks and feels like an art book.

Probably showing feet in nylon would call for high end printing to convey in a photograph of what it was really like to be there.  Only on a large print with high resolution one would be able to see the fine weave of pantyhose as if you were looking at it in real life.

My own article about flight attendants is published there and I feel very proud to be featured in that magazine as a writer.  It’s an honour to write for them.

You can order your copy here – The Finn Magazine Page

Update: Finn mag just gave me a special promo code for my readers. If you want it, either sign up for the newsletter or e -mail me directly.