Three Legged Pantyhose Patent

July 31, 2013 under Weird

3 legged pantyhose American patent 1997 trioWHAT IS THIS???

No, no, no, it’s not for 3 legged mutants.

This is an actual pantyhose patent (1997) with a spare leg that is supposed to be worn 1.5 times longer than regular pantyhose.

A spare leg is hidden in a pocket until a run forms in one of the legs in use.  Then the defective leg is tucked away and the new one is put to work.

I can understand the durability part, but having a bunch of nylon fabric tucked away somewhere would cause an interesting bulge on a woman, especially if this pocket is located in the front of the crotch as illustrated on the diagram below.

These are the weirdest pantyhose I’ve seen, so three legged pantyhose tops my list.  Have you see anything crazier?



three legged pantyhose diagram 1

three legged pantyhose diagram 2


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