Bustiers – New Arrivals

What can be both a top and lingerie? Bustiers! It’s interesting how simply attaching or detaching garter belt straps can make such a difference.

You may wonder, how would it fit and why do we have lacing at the back and hooks in the front? Well, the first time a woman wears it such bustier is when she’ll get a friend to adjust the lacing at the back to fit her figure. All the times after that she just needs to clip it up in the front and it fits perfectly.

25943 corset Shirley of Hollywood pink image 25943 corset Shirley of Hollywood red image

These are just a few styles of such bustiers that are now in stock. Green, Pink, Red. If you need another size, let me know. These come with a matching thong, but I didn’t put it on the mannequin because otherwise I’d have to detach it from the corset’s tag.

25943 corset Shirley of Hollywood front  25943 corset Shirley of Hollywood lacing back 25943 corset Shirley of Hollywood sideways

Soon I’ll be an expert in product photography, but for now excuse my learning curve 🙂

25943 corset Shirley of Hollywood close up pattern 25943 corset Shirley of Hollywood front view 25943 corset Shirley of Hollywood pink style back view

Do you notice that I am attaching this garter belt to stay up stockings? This was actually the only style that has these holes in the top that is so easy to attach the clip to. Otherwise I’d never consider attaching a garter belt to stay ups. These straps, by the way, detach.

If you like it, see it here – Floral Bustier.

Cher in a super hot cleavage corset

cher in a corsetThe singer Cher is known to have the most extravagant and sexiest outfits, despite her age.

Being quite a trend setter, one of the corsets that she wore actually even got other companies like Shirley of Hollywood to create similar Cher inspired designs.

On the photo here she is wearing a strappy corset to the Golden Globes red carpet event.

You can find this style in the shop section. It’s something that I think would look amazing both as a top and as a piece of lingerie.

9510 shirley of hollywood black bustier with stockings

If you want to have a better look, here is the link – inspired by Cher corset.

Cuban heel stockings on a Friday night

Edvige cuban heel stockings with backseam by Fiore 2 Edvige cuban heel stockings with backseam by Fiore

My guy took these candid photos on our Friday night date night. We went to the movie theatre to watch Captain America.

I decided to finally celebrate the warm weather and wore a dark knee high dress. Under it I had a corset with garter straps attached to these Cuban heel stockings.

One thing that I can tell you is that this one piece lingerie looked amazing, but it wasn’t easy to move, sit down, or lean in any way. It felt like I had a bungee chord running from my shoulder to my ankles.

As I was waiting at the movie theatre for my guy to finally emerge from the men’s room, the handle from my umbrella fell off and ended up on the floor. I picked it up, but right away dropped something else. A guy next to me rushed to helped me to get it first, saying that “don’t worry, I’ll get it, you look like you have trouble doing that”. Well, I blamed it on my high heels. That was an awkward moment.

So just a note for those like me, if you are planning to move around and so on it’s better to wear a garter belt and a bra as two separate garments rather than a piece that combines it all.

In case you would like to get a pair of stockings like that, this is a limited edition style by Fiore called Edvige. You can find it in the shop section here.

Screensaver: Anne Hathaway in Stockings and Garter Belt

Feel free to use this screensaver of Anne Hathaway digital drawing in stockings and garter belt.  It is supposed to be from the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

Click on the image below to download full resolution file.

I remember though that in the movie of Alice in Wonderland she gets reprimanded for not wearing stockings to the gathering at which she walks off and finds the rabbit hole.

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Special Event at Dolce Amore Lingerie in Vancouver

Sale – 20% OFF!

Saturday: February 2, 2013

 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

People keep on asking me where I buy my lingerie.  Well, either in Europe or in places that import it from Europe.  I would like to recommend one of my favourite lingerie stores in Vancouver that has a broad collection of swimwear, lingerie, hosiery, and accessories.  The owner is a very sweet Polish lady.  LGTB- friendly, in case some of you are wondering.  Recently they added a whole vintage section there.

vintage lingerie photo

Dolce Amore Lingerie and Swimwear

772 Thurlow Street (in the courtyard behind the Starbucks on Robson)

Dolce Amore Facebook



Can you come?  Please let me know.