Brilliant Idea! What inspired Wolford shiny pantyhose, Versailles.

This shiny pantyhose has been inspired by a shiny candy wrap!

 Wolford Shiny Pantyhose Story

Inspiration and new ideas sometimes come from unexpected sources.  In 1990’s Wolford came out with Versailles – hosiery with a soft shine.

This idea came to the designer unexpectedly.  He came to a business meeting suffering from a cold and took out a cough candy.  As he unwrapped it, he was fascinated by the shine of the wrap from that lozenge.

As a result, in 1990’s super-sheer summer pantyhose were created.  They made the legs look as if they were bare.  Around the same time, Wolford also came out with a style for men.

This interesting fact about Wolford Shiny Pantyhose was presented by Voque magazine.

Below you can see a photo of Versailles pantyhose on a model from Fashion Tights UK.

Source: Russian Voque

This photo is a courtesy of Tights Fashion UK. The model is wearing Versailles by Wolford.


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