Blogger in Alpia Mock Suspender Tights

I saw this on Fiore’s social media and just had to share it! This girl looks amazing and I love her leopard print skirt. She is wearing Alpia tights by Fiore with a mock stocking pattern.

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Alpia pantyhose by Fiore

This is Alpia pantyhose by Fiore, modeled by Julia from Ukraine.  She is a sporty woman who helps me with this blog and she loves to wear fashionable clothing.

alpia pantyhose fiore small 1

According to Julia such mock suspender tights are quite trendy now in Ukraine!  I can say that in my city that’s also the case.  Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I just got a pair of suspender tights similar to these as a present for Christmas and I am planning to flaunt it tomorrow with a grey dress that I also got as a present.

alpia pantyhose fiore small 2

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If you want to see more styled modeled, please let us know!  We’ll try to get some pictures for you.