Men and Lingerie Stores – response to Hosiery Advocate’s blog post

September 14, 2012 under Boys

This is a response to the blog post by Hosiery Advocate – Should (lingerie) stores be required to hire men?

Situation re-visited:

If a man applies to work in a lingerie store and gets declined because of his gender, is this wrong?

I called Employment Standards BC, they said “possibly” and refused to say anything else.

I called Human Rights BC, they also said “possibly”, and told me that if Eugene wants an answer, he should take this case to court or at least submit it for review.

So as you see, it’s a grey area.  However, most likely stores would suffer because some female clients would not feel comfortable shopping there.  I did a post on that before where I asked some women I knew about their comfort level.

Happy Birthday to Eugene, Hosiery Advocate!

August 4, 2012 under News

My friend, Eugene, is celebrating his birthday.  I follow his blog with great interest and I admire him for his honesty and dedication.  Thank you, Eugene, for your great work!

Happy Birthday!