Styling Shorts and Pantyhose

I saw these photos from a while back (3 years ago) on another blog. The owner of the blog combined shorts, pantyhose, and a summer top.

shorts and white pantyhose 1

She’s Eastern European,  but I have a feeling she probably resides somewhere in Finland.

Anyway, this would be so rare to see in North America! Agree?

shorts and white pantyhose 2 shorts and white pantyhose 3 shorts and white pantyhose 4 shorts and white pantyhose 5

3 thoughts on “Styling Shorts and Pantyhose

  1. Hi Jessica. Yes I have to agree with you. You don’t see to many women wearing
    pantyhose with shorts in the USA. All though you will see women at the Hooter’s restaurants wearing pantyhose with there orange shorts. But this is a required clothing item for there uniform. Sincerely, Charlie.

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