Stay up and Shorts – ever appropriate?

Wolford stay up stockings with Rudsak tall boots and shortsI bet this is probably the most weird post you’ve seen from me so far. Today I decided to take photos of these boots for eBay and put on my stay up stockings together with my jean shorts. After I looked at myself, I realized that it actually looks pretty neat.

Considering that the welt of the stocking is just a straight line without any lace, do you think this could actually be appropriate on the street? I am curious to hear your opinion.

These are stay up stockings by Wolford called Eyla. They are limited edition. The boots are by Rudsak, quite old though, but still in fashion.

1 thought on “Stay up and Shorts – ever appropriate?

  1. I don’t see why not. Women in Europe wear knee-high nylons with shorts the way North American women wear shorts with socks and casual shoes. You could be a real trend setter!

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