Maja Sheer Socks By Fiore




Sheer socks is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe.  They are irreplaceable when worn under trousers and one can never have enough.

Each package has 2 pairs of sheer socks!

A nice sheer pair of plain nylon socks, paired with classic dress shoes and sleek trousers is an essential accessory for a job interview or for any kind of a dressy outing, especially if it’s not summer. It’s a true classic.

  • maja sheer socks15 denier, plain
  • Top quality
  • Soft gloss look
  • Comfortable non-pressure bands
  • Invisibly reinforced toe portion
  • One size fits most

Fibre content: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastane

Made in Poland

Brand: Fiore hosiery, one of a few European ISO-certified manufacturers.

Shipping – $9 Flat Rate for any quantity ordered, so enjoy an already excellent value on these European sheer socks.

We ship to Canada and to United States, as well as internationally.  Packaging is discreet, unless otherwise requested.

sheer socks by Fiore

Maja sheer socks have a non-pressure band and invisibly reinforced toe.

Below are some photos that I took in Cuba of me wearing Maja socks. How do you like my photography? I had to flip into a weird position to make it look as if I am standing on the ceiling.

maja sheer socks by fiore 2

I wear nylon socks to prevent blisters on my feet. I love it! The top band of the sock is not too tight.

maja sheer socks by fiore


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